you are a welcome visitor to my personal archive: part scrapbook, part anthology of short stories, sometimes just a series of „post its“ for myself, it represents an autobiographical mixture of both professional and private nature.
because the two seem so close to each other and impossible to separate, they build a complex and reciprocal whole, which is something i started to conceive in 2004 when developing the installation „potosmos“.
this space will at once trace the last 15 and next 5 years of sketching, writing, thinking, ideas, traveling and building. it is thought as a never ending project – a growing conglomerate, a place to lose oneself and a place of virtual strolling.
the only structure is chronological; founding classifications are usually meaningless or impossible – mostly even rather excluding than including – this permanent association between things reflects my state of mind. the high density of information is balanced by an overview, enabled through the emerging „index“ on the right side of the page.

big and small on no accounts mean important and unimportant. thus they are present in an equal way. has its own dynamic: it is much more than the representation of elapsed projects or time. it is a motive for acting and perceptive repercussions.
narratives can be discovered weaving through one another across the years.
this wunderkammer is not only the permanent manifestation of mainly temporary work and thoughts; it also documents schemes and ideas abandoned in the course of developing projects.

best viewed with firefox. copyright lorenz potocnik.